Monday, May 21, 2007

More Vito Gushing

We put Vito to sleep around 11:30PM last night and he didn't stir until about 7AM this morning. We were pretty amazed that we made it through the night undisturbed.

On the TownMom, dad and Vito got dressed this morning and went out with Vito. Not our first walk together (we walked home from the hospital, all downhill and quite pleasant), but this would be an adventure which involved a number of stops. Already raising the bar on the level of complexity in the daily routine.

It was too cold in the shade and too hot in the sun for his mother, by Vito seemed to bump along in the little carriage without too much trouble. As we crossed Via Roma, which is the main street in Putignano, Vito began crying and carried on for a few blocks. By the time we had reached our destination, he had stopped crying, but while waiting, he started again, hungry. Angela finished her business (she was choosing a doctor for the little man), found a bench in an out-of-the-way place, and began to feed him.

We were soon back on our journey and had to make two more stops before returning home for lunch. Nothing extraordinary happened. We bought taralli and diapers, and we returned back home without further incident. Were you expecting more?


Torin said...

Hey Bob! This is Torin from Clan Lord -- Chris in RL. I was going through some old emails, found the address you mentioned, and Googled it. And here I am!

I haven't had a chance to do more than a quick scan of the blog, but it sounds like you're busy and happy. :-) Last I heard, you had a job in Japan. Now you're teaching in Italy. I'll have to read about what happened in between, hehe.

CL and OWE are still around, though both have seen better, more active days. If you have the inclination, take a look at the website (

Bob said...

send me your e-mail address, Chris!