Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pre-Vito, Postpartum & the Sound of New Life

The following is for my die-hards, best viewed near many bouquets of flowers.

Sunday evening, after Angela's contractions were coming about every seven minutes, we hopped in her sister's car and drove to the hospital. Angela was admitted and, as happens, the contractions increased in frequency and we thought Vito would be born that evening, which would have really been a proper mother's day gift! They continued at about that pace for a few hours. Eventually, Angela told me to go home, eat, and then return, and that's what I did. When I returned to the hospital, there was no one in the waiting room, and this is what it looked like...

Sadly, Angela said her contractions had subsided and weren't occurring as often. She said she was going to try to get some sleep and told me to go home and do the same, which I did, blissfully sleeping until 7AM the next morning.

About an hour after I left, the contractions returned more vigorously, and they moved her into the labor room where she labored until I arrived the next morning. The doctors let me visit with Angela, sent me out, let me back in, and so forth for the next three hours. At around 10AM the doctors sent me out and I waited in the lobby with Anna, Angela's mother as I had done before. A little after 10:45AM, the doctor came by and told us that Vito was born. I was crushed that I had missed it, but it turns out that there were some complications which required the assistance of other doctors and my voyeuristic presence was simply irrelevant. Details only Angela can explain well. Everything worked out, though, and everyone's happy and healthy now.

A doctor brought me in to see Angela, and I did, touching her arm briefly before whirling around to see my son wrapped in umbilical matter (part of the previously mentioned complications) underneath a bright lamp. Before I really knew what was going on, another doctor whisked me away to another room and asked me many questions while filling out some hospital form. I was still concerned about Angela and the baby, but happy to be doing something to contribute to the completion of this process. I could handle all of the Italian so that was a personal victory.

Madonna di Lourdes - PutignanoSoon, after we began, Vito arrived and the nurse began to wash him and do all of the mysterious things they do to babies when no one's looking, like testing the springiness of his arms and legs, measuring his length and weighing him. I was pretty tickled to see him in this situation and you can listen to Vito while all of this was going on.

The doctor asked me to go and get Vito's clothes so the nurse could dress him. I went to her room on clouds! Angela's sister and mother were preparing Vito's bed and both of them kissed me and, at that moment, it hit me. I returned with the clothes, beaming like a schoolboy, and then the doctor asked me to retrieve the results of my wife's blood test. I was ecstatic that I had another task to do!

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