Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Still looking for a job. I wonder, sometimes, if what I put here negatively affects what could potentially happen elsewhere. Unfortunately, I'm not going to stop doing this.

I put a new e-book, with... con..., over there on the left. It's a wedding poem. The e-book is new, but it was first printed as a chapbook (in both Italian and English) last year when Angela and I got married. We gave copies to the guests at our wedding. I also have some new poems in Alice Blue. Stay tuned for one of my poetry videos...

Since Vito came home from the hospital, everything was sort of working in a well-oiled fashion. He was sleeping all night, at least, which is about as well-oiled as one could hope for with a newborn. Summer was also making a strong play to be the dominating season here and then everything snapped. It stormed a few days ago, dumping rain crazily down, and it has been windy, cloudy (I wrote cloudly, at first, which is nicer) and cool. The change in the weather coincided with a change in Vito's habits, as well.

He hasn't slept quite through the night in the past few days. Vito had a rash around his output and now has acne? around his input, mostly natural for babies, I am told. He also wasn't quite getting enough to eat from his mother, thus losing a little weight, so now he's on a half-and-half diet. Half from mom and half from the can.

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