Friday, June 15, 2007

Birthdays, Casamassima, Etc.

Casamassima - La StazioneToday is my wife's birthday. Auguri Angela! Also, today is our son's name day or, as they call it here, onomastico. So today is a celebration for everyone named Vito! It's nice that Vito's onomastico and Angela's birthday fall on the same day. The name day actually seems much more important. It's easier than keeping track of everyone's real birthday! All the names are based on the names of the saints. I guess if a person is not named after a saint, that person never gets to enjoy an onomastico!

Went to Casamassima yesterday, a nearby town, for a job interview. Due to the train schedule, I arrived about 90 minutes early for the interview and had time to walk around. Here's a picture of the train station, which is not much to look at. The town was nice and the interview was promising.


Kenny O said...

Hey, cool site! I've been cruising blogs getting ideas for mine, i enjoyed yours thanks! will be back!!


Rebeka Lembo said...


I am not certain how to record a file in order to upload it to the internet but I will figure it out. Thanks for your interest in my poem.


Rebeka Lembo