Saturday, June 23, 2007

Blog Losing

Sweating horribly away in front of the computer. The weather here has taken a serious turn toward the humid, but I'm alive and well. It's hard to believe I haven't written in more than one week. Time seems to be slipping through my fingers lately.

Angela, Vito & Gas MaskI'm finding that I don't have enough time to give proper attention to the blog these days. A few behind-the-scenes projects are keeping me busy these days, as well, the results of which you should see soon. The blog won't go away, but life supersedes...

Vito caught a cold from, probably, his father (*#&@!), who caught a cold last week, and the doctor ordered us to administer aerosol medication, which is what is happening in this picture. Vito doesn't seem to mind and everything appears to be on the up and up. It's great because he's sleeping through the night again!

Otherwise, mom and dad are having a good time getting to know Vito better. He smiles often now and his vocal expressions seem to evolve daily. Amazing!


Marco e Simona said...

Abbiamo visto i tuoi post e le foto, anche quelle su Flickr... Ma che bel bambino che e' diventato Vito!!

Somiglia (un po' troppo?) a te, Bobo!
E Angela cosa ci ha messo?
Lo scopriremo... Forse i capelli quando cresceranno? Rasta-Vito??!

Ci dispiace per l'influenza! Buona guarigione a tutti e due!!

Anonymous said...

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Vito said...

Ciao Bob ed Angela, finalmente riesco a vedere qualche foto di Vituccio...very nice...non vedo l'ora di conoscerlo dal vivo e di spupazzarlo un pò! vi abbraccio forte forte
Vito Pepe

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