Friday, July 20, 2007

The Sound of Music

icon-speakerVito is starting to make lots of sounds. It's exciting as there're new sounds almost every day. Click on this icon and listen to Vito, recorded last week, in one of his lingual states. Angela and me are quite happy to inspire this kind of backtalk from our little man and do our best to respond in kind. If you've ever been a parent, you've probably experienced it. If you haven't been a parent, you can try now in the privacy of your own home!

Stork VaseMy mother brought us the vase pictured here when her and my father were visiting a few weeks ago. It is a Marcacci family heirloom. The vase (although it doesn't really look like a traditional vase) was given to my grandmother Ruth, my father's mother, when my father was born. Ruth, in turn, gave it to my mother when I was born and now, my mother has passed it down to my wife at the arrival of Vito. A cool tradition. Apparently, it used to be quite popular to give vases when there was a newborn. I don't know if this happens anymore or not, but we'd be happy to hear about it...

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