Monday, August 06, 2007

The Festival of Saint Stephen

The weather took a cold and windy turn here over the past few days bringing about a 20°C change in the temperature. It feels like autumn is upon us already, but I suspect things will heat up again soon. It's a welcome variation from the blistering heat of the prior week, though.

We were preoccupied with more activities last week and, happily, spent a good deal of time with the family. Take a look at this nice video of the procession for the festival of Saint Stephen, Putignano's patron saint.

Otherwise, I've been busy. Still having trouble finding the time to keep up with all of my activities. Vito obviously takes the lion's share of time these days and, I believe, my job search has come to an end, but I'll save any announcements until after I sign a contract. My fantasy football draft (I've managed a league for eleven seasons now) began a few days ago, also, and that has sapped some energy and time from me.

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