Saturday, August 25, 2007

Still Summer, Family Waves

Not much out of the ordinary, lately, in what is left of this summer. The weather has been hot and humid during the day, unbearably still and sweat-inducing at midday, but it cools down nicely at night. Mosquitoes still roam the land with a vigor when the conditions are right. An ever-present wind has developed, as well. Not too strong, but pretty erratic.

Family time seems to come in waves here. It's impossible to escape. I can't complain much living in the in-laws apartment for the past seven months. Been spending a good deal of time out in the countryside, lately, to the neglect of most of my other interests, particularly the technological ones. I can't say I'm disappointed about it, though. I could be working and cooking my own meals...

Vito is doing fine. He seems to be doing all of the things he's expected to be doing. When he sleeps, he still sucks a non-existent nipple. He looks like a fish. When he's awake, he's captivated by all that is around him. He's learning to handle his rattles and is getting stronger by the day.

Our new apartment is cleaned and ready. We'll be moving in once we find a few more furnishings, such as a closet for the bedroom. Our car is on hold. We thought we found one that was serviceable, but it met with general disapproval. So the process begins again...

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