Saturday, February 16, 2008

Crawling & Cybersprawling

We're already halfway through February. My students wanted to know what I was going to do for Valentine's Day, a much more jittery tittering sugar-filled hormonal dream for them then for me. As we're being tight-fisted with our expenses, we didn't do much, although I did splurge on a bouquet of flowers for Angela.

The weather has been brilliantly clear and spring-like since my last post. The hills are green and lush, spotted here and there with pink and white blossoming trees. The fine weather should continue for, at least, another week. That's as far ahead as I've seen in the forecast.

Vito, a few days over nine months old now, continues to be the harbinger of curiosity and chaos. As teeth started descending, two dentini already well-sprouted for a few weeks in the lower gums, he began crawling last week. Every electrical cord is in danger! Alas, now we have to baby-proof everything within his reach as he can open cabinets, destroy plants and pull books off of shelves. In these days, it seems like we can see daily changes in his development. We were surprised to discover that he could even pull himself to his feet while in the crib!

I couldn't sleep anymore this morning, so I got up to read the newspaper and *gasp* tap out an entry for the blogpeople on this first day of the second consecutive three-day weekend. We're going to go to a few garage sales later today. We did the same last weekend and found a nice large oak bookshelf which we acquired for a measly $5. Now, we're looking for a desk as I've been planning my lessons and grading papers on the living room floor which, aside from being overly tempting for Vito, is uncomfortable.