Thursday, March 27, 2008


The weather cooled down noticeably today. Rain had been predicted but there was none of the stuff. Still, it was a hot in the sun, while cool in the shade. It's windy now, outside, and colder than it has been in a while, but I can't really complain. I can't remember if the weather has always been like this during the Spring here in Vacaville, but it seems unseasonably pleasant. Living here again, after an absence of nearly 20 years, I'm continually struck by how beautiful are some of things around me, even though I grew up here.

We woke up today and discovered the photo of Vito and me pictured here on the front page of the local paper, The Reporter. It made our day! We received many calls and congratulations about it. This was one of Vito's first serious experiences with bubbles, having only dabbled in them a few days prior. The photo was taken by Joel Rosenbaum, Senior Staff Photographer for the paper. Additionally, the picture also appeared in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram for whatever reason.

Angela, Vito and me were at the park near our apartment, and I was on Vito duty while Angela was trying to fly a kite, something she had only tried, unsuccessfully, once before when we were living in China. I had surprised Angela with a couple of Chinese kites one day. After a few hours of failure, discussion and advice from neighborhood kite experts, and tree rescues, we gave up.

For Easter, I bought us a little mini dragon-shaped kite (like the one pictured here) and, we tried to get if off the ground, but it kept spiraling out of control. After a modification to the tail, it flew quite well, despite the thimble of string that was included which didn't really let it get too far up into the atmosphere. After this effort, we're going to try to get a serious kite and a long spool of string and really test our mettle!


Anonymous said...

anche voi siete bellissimi...Vito, com'e' cresciuto! Eravate in Italia a Pasqua, se l'avessi saputo vi avrei chiamati. Che voglia che ho di vedervi!
Ciao ragazzi, spero di sentirvi presto.

SBTVD said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bob!!!
I'm Lino!! Finally on the blog!! :-)!!

How are you??
Maybe, the nex summer I will be in Califonia for the summer intership..(I hope!)


Anonymous said...

Hey Bob,

Great photo! Vito is getting so big!

Glad to hear that you doing well. I'm still in Kona, but I'll be out of here in two months. Just got back from a three-month break in was perfect.

Do keep in touch and send my best to the family.