Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Eve

Dyed EggsEaster is such a different holiday in America with our Easter Bunny and egg hunts. Angela and I were immersed in Catholicism last Easter, spending our time with family in Italy, following processions and church-hopping. Seems like such a long time ago, now, particularly as Vito hadn't joined us, yet. This Easter season, so far, has been happily spent with family, as well, too, albeit on the American side.

My parents are in town for Easter, back from St. George, Utah (which is where they live, now), so we've been spending all of our time together. They'll return to St. George on Monday. As I had Friday off from school, an early start to spring break, we spent yesterday dyeing easter eggs at my grandparent's house in Vallejo with my sister's three kids and had a blast, the partial results of which you can see here. I don't think I have dyed eggs in more than 20 years! Angela had never dyed eggs before so it was quite a new experience for her. After lunch, Vito slept through the egg dyeing and missed all of that action.

San Francisco - Pier 39 - Sea LionsToday, continuing the family activities, we went to San Francisco with my grandparents and my parents. The weather was spectacular. We took a ferry from Vallejo, another first for Angela, and played tourists at Pier 39, eating lunch, looking at the sea lions, riding the merry-go-round, and shopping a bit. I took some sun and feel a little worn out as I put this together, but it was a great day. We'll all meet again in Dixon tomorrow to celebrate Easter at my Aunt Sue's house and close out this Easter weekend. We usually Skype Angela's family in Italy on Sunday mornings, so we also have that to look forward to when we wake up.

Vito Update: Our son quickly mastered the crawl, which was the new move I mentioned in my previous post, and has since learned how to pop up on both feet and cling around the house, further endangering unsuspecting books and closet doors. He's excited about the change and, I suppose, it won't be long before he can do it without the aid of walls and table legs.

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