Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Old Sacramento and Such

We found out last week that our summer plans would be dashed against rocks of immigration and that we, to avoid any further strife or unpleasantness, should remain in this country until we have all the necessary documents in hand. We learned that we had failed to submit all of the proper forms for Angela to gain residency and, now that we know better, are welcome to submit the remaining forms (with the additional fees!) and await the merciful hand of bureacracy.

Part of our unhappy journey of discovery included a trip to California's capital, Sacramento, on a gorgeously cloudless Friday afternoon. I hadn't ever really explored Sacramento much, despite having grown up in the area and, before getting back on the highway to return to Vacaville, we stopped in Old Sacramento to look around, which was a surprise. Old Sacramento, designated as a State Historic Park, is a restored Gold Rush-era town along the Sacramento River with many shops, museums and restaurants to explore. A beautiful site, we were overwhelmed by the unusual architecture, wooden sidewalks and cobblestone streets, and plan to return soon when we are better prepared to spend more time there.

Anyway, we had been well into Spring here with teasing glimpses of summer, and then things took a turn for the cold this weekend with rough wind swirling pollen and dust into the icy mix, extending, unhappily, into today. The surrounding hills have lost their verdancy, and are beginning to take on a burnt hue as the sun continues to bake us, despite the wind and cooler temperatures. Spring's last gasp, perhaps, before summer takes hold completely.

School is winding down, though it can't get here fast enough for me. I spent most of the weekend grading papers, but we snuck out for a peep at the Fantasy/Medieval Festival taking place in downtown Vacaville. We took a quick stroll through the streets on Sunday, looking at all of the booths, strangely attired people and other oddities, and then went back home.

For all of you Vito-mongers, he is doing fine. His first birthday is approaching, and it's hard to believe that we have almost been going strong for one year with the little man. He is starting to throw things and get into more and more trouble on a daily basis, but we couldn't be happier.