Thursday, May 08, 2008

Vito Walks

Angela surfed across this clip a couple weeks ago. Obviously, with a baby around Jack-Jack's age, we thought this was hilarious. It might not make much sense, thought, if you're not familiar with The Incredibles, an animated movie about a family of superheroes.

Otherwise, on Monday afternoon, Vito started traversing the apartment on two limbs rather than four. Mama and me were excited. Vito looked pretty thrilled about it, as well, a big smile on his face as he plodded around the house with his arms held out.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Marcacci Progeny & the Apple

I haven't been, obviously, posting as much since the joyful creation and discovery of Marcacci progeny almost one year ago, but I've been receiving many more comments on the blog, despite my lack of attention, which is nice. It could be that I receive just as many comments as I did before, but they're just not as spread out.

Before it slips my mind again, my Dusie chapbook, Imagining a Baby, which you can download and e-read by perusing your choices in the handy sidebar at left, was reviewed at Galatea Resurrects, a poetry review website.

The three of us took sick this weekend, starting with Vito who really only ran a slight fever for a few days and then seemed relatively fine. After that, Angela came down with a cold and, now that it has run its course on her, seems to have found new life in me who, at this moment, would rather be sleeping. Nevertheless, I'm not far from it, and temporarily sacrifice myself for the betterment of the blogsphere, if you can call this that.

Vito continues to do his growing thing. He can get in, perhaps, a dozen steps before hitting the turf or the waiting arms of parentage. Mama is also becoming a more distinct utterance in his lexicon, up till now largely comprised of its natural complement.

Tonight, Vito was playing quietly in the corner near his toy box when I started eating an apple. It's difficult to eat an apple without disturbing the peace, at least the way I eat apples, but he didn't seem to notice, so concentrated as he was on one or other of his blocks.

After a few more crunchy bites, Vito noticed what I was doing and crawled over to the couch, where I was lying, to investigate. He made loud attempts to acquire the apple and, seeing every effort thwarted, turned toward that old standby, the tantrum. "OK. You want some apple?" I asked, getting up from the couch and walking to the kitchen to get a knife. Feeling abandoned, he only increased his tantrum. "Come here," I said, cutting off a small piece of the apple and removing the skin, and he did just that, sensing, possibly, that he'd won.

Well, he wouldn't have anything to do with the little naked apple bit I presented to him. He indicated that he wanted the apple, just not the doctored bit that was in my hand. I held the apple near his mouth and he clamped onto it, really scraping off a piece more than taking a bite, but happy. He chewed for a while and then readied for a second take. He repeated the activity a dozen times, maybe, and then crawled off toward his mother when she entered the room.