Thursday, July 17, 2008

Post All-Star Game Pose & Mid-Month Flows

I'm not much for social networking at the digital destinations these days. In fact, I can hardly answer old-fashioned e-mail with any regularity, so don't take it personally if I'm not responding to your inquiries in those places. Frankly, I'd like to do more of the old-fashioned face-to-face social networking—the kind many of us practiced before we were eBaying or role-playing or creating avatars or blogspotting or whatever.

Baseball's 79th All-Star game last night was the longest one of its kind in terms of both innings and minutes, and I watched most of it, aside from a quick trip to Baskin-Robbins for our usual Tuesday-night $1 scoops. Speaking of ice cream, I don't get too excited about all of the hybrid flavors named after cookies and candy bars. I still like Rocky Road and Gold Medal Ribbon. Whatever happened to rainbow sherbet?

Angela, Vito and Papacito have done quite a few things since the last post (at least, it feels like we have), but it seems awkward, now, to try and recap them all. Best to just move on...

Summer school is nearing completion and the three of us can smell a real vacation less than two weeks away. It's frightening to think how much money will be spent on gas, but we'll try to keep that under control.

The air is still a little smoky, but it hasn't been as hot over the past few days so we've been going outside for longer stretches, if only to walk around the block in the evening. Hopefully, the fires will continue to subside and the air will continue to improve.

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