Thursday, October 16, 2008


Vito has some special kinship with the moon. Day or night, if it's visible, he can locate it. He'll stand in front of the window and point at it, repeating its name over and over.

Driving along in the car, out of the blue, he will say, "moon." Angela and me will look out the car window and, sure enough, the moon is in the sky where he is looking.

He has a book titled: Goodnight Moon.

Occasionally, at night, if Vito is having trouble sleeping, Angela will ask him if he wants to see la luna. He gets very quiet and, as she approaches the window, begins to look for it up into the night sky. It has calmed him enough to allow him to return to sleep.

We also noticed that, while he understands both the English and the Italian words for moon, he only says it in English. Angela likes to say that he chooses the English word. Perhaps, because he already knows the sound that a cow makes, which is similar...

Anyhow, I'm not sure what brought about his fascination with the moon, but I like it. It's poetic...

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spadamchrist said...

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