Saturday, November 29, 2008

Realia 2

This, aside from some formatting issues I just resolved, has been ready for a few weeks. I was waiting on approval from the photographer who lives in Hong Kong. As always, things tend toward the hectic around the holidays.

Here is the second in our irregularly appearing series of La Princi's photos with poetry by yours truly...

look back or down
behind look
at what your hand touches
look in grainy hours after
after hours
look hurt through hair
look well below
who held
who hell
look but don't tell
swell in cartoon swerves
what nerves cure look
pervs look and shake
shellshook forsook
fake all cake and too eating
look lamb
she bleating in the bleak
look geek if at all possible
all's well that wends
looks trends look
ends no book

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