Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March in a Nutshell

I have to try and get something posted before the end of the month, which is nigh. I wanted to post something so many times, but I didn't. Actually, I did, but that's a secret, at the mo. All will be revealed in time. Anyhow, here's the past month cleverly encapsulated:

Work during the week, as per usual. Receiving a pink slip (should that be hyphenated?) added no additional stress whatsoever. I knew it was coming. Yeah, I'm fine. Really. It's not bother. I mean it.

Read Educational Psychology texts at night.

Bowl on Friday afternoons.

Complete Educational Psychology assignments on weekends.

Sleep as little as possible.

Write more poetry than I have written in months! I'm busier than usual and I write more than usual?! Go figure...

Sprinkle in liberal servings of husbanding and fathering, although with, unhappily, less on the former. The latter won't let me off the hook without a fight...