Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Realia 4

what you dream
of facing the hull of another wreck
it sailed off into the wild blue yonder some
half-realized titanic with an emphasis on
iceberg float in the fatal aqua
gah-gah you still saw see!
faux pas in guady gew-gaw whee!
ooh! ahh! moored to the weird maw
of mine pining the far beaches and outer reaches
without a flaw no one on no horizon one fallen but freely
pink all sun-swabbed and succulently
among palms as does late day downwardly i know you
pretty town you know my little city and what
bitter renown comes of trying you must fly with no good-byeing
no sighing no doubling up
bubbling over troubling
stubbling up through the smooth sand and surface
to plant a kiss


Benjamin Harrell said...

Very interesting piece!

Anonymous said...

Che animo buono e poetico.