Friday, October 30, 2009

Vito Urinates!

We tried potty-training this summer while we were in Italy, but the results were infuriating. Vito simply refused to try. He would sit on the vasino (the Italian word for it) shaped like a yellow cat and read or drink water, but he would never use it the way you would imagine. He could hold it for hours, make a show of sitting, and then walk around the corner or down the hallway and pee on his shoes. Argh! We eventually scrapped the idea chalking it up to being in an unfamiliar place.

When we returned to the states, my sister gave us a ring for the toilet, but Vito wouldn't have anything to do with it. Yesterday, we took him to Target, and he found a green potty in the shape of a frog. Beaming, he carried it into the house. He sat on it fully clothed yesterday evening, but wouldn't do any more than that. Tonight, after much coercion and trickery on Angela's part, she got him to sit on it in the buff. They read books together and talked, and after about one hour it was time for bed. When he got up, to our surprise, the potty contained the magical pee so eagerly sought after! There was joy in Mudville on this night, even if the Yankees won game two of the world series.

We're gearing up for Halloween this weekend. We will go to downtown Vacaville and trick-or-treat at the businesses, which is something they do for the kids every year. It's fun to see all the kids and grown-ups dressed up, too. On Saturday, we will hit a few select houses in the neighborhood. Should be a fun weekend, in between my grading backlog and writing papers for National.

Here's a little video of Vito doing his thing at the Silveyville Pumpkin Patch.