Thursday, July 22, 2010

Carnevale Redux

Since my last post, we have been going to the beach every morning. We take Vito to summer beach day-school, and then we Fiat to our little spot in Monopoli. After a couple hours of sunning and swimming and such, we head back for lunch with the fam.

Widening the focus a little, Putignano is famous for its carnival parade. In fact, you can find more information about it if you drill down. Anyway, a few years ago, those who preside over such matters thought it would be a good idea to have a carnival weekend in the summer, too, and revisit all the good times from carnival. Starting at the beginning of July, it kicks off an already festive month.

About two weeks later, our church here has a festival, Santa Maria del Carmine, which wrapped up on this year on Monday. The first week of August closes out the celebrations with the festival for the patron saint of the town, San Stefano. Sadly, we will miss San Stefano this year as we are leaving one week from today.

For those of you who knew, I am still without work, so our plan is to return to California and continue looking. If you didn't know, consider yourselves informed.

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