Saturday, July 30, 2011

Too Hot to Trot

That's our compound behind the yellow building.
It's hot here: 41°C (106°F) right now. We live in a compound called Education City Community Housing Lot 2. Right across the street from us there is a Recreation Center, which has a pool, a gym, a sauna, squash and tennis courts, a game room and a restaurant. Aside from the restaurant, we have free reign on everything else. There is a Lulu Express on the corner that sells groceries, and additional little shops that sell electronics, toys, coffee and baked goods. There is also a bank, a center for beauty products (restricted to women only) and a medical/dental clinic. Its placement is quite handy. We really haven't had a chance to explore Qatar, yet, beyond these places, but we're planning to adventure out on our own after dark tonight to explore Souk Waqif, a traditional Qatar market.

As we are still without a car, one of my colleagues was going to pick us up at 1PM yesterday and take us to the Villaggio Shopping Mall. Anyhow, at 9AM, we thought we might try to walk to the other grocery store before it got super hot. We were hoping that the supermarket might have a better selection and better prices for produce. There was no one else out walking around. Even though the distance was only one kilometer (about two-thirds of a mile), we never reached our destination. A nice man in what appeared to be traditional Qatari dress stopped to offer us a lift in his Land Cruiser, which I declined, and a few other cars slowed down to see if we needed any help. It was just too dang hot, and we could see the life running out of Vito, which also worried us a little, so we turned around and went back home.

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