Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shop Ahoy!

For me, Eid kicked off with my fifteenth annual Junior Robert Football League (JRFL) fantasy football draft on Sunday (which is the first day of the week here). Unfortunately, not everything went according to plan, and we have to hold a re-draft this coming Sunday. On top of that, I caught a cold so I haven't been feeling too hot.

Father and son at City Centre Mall
I don't like shopping that much, but we have gone shopping every day this holiday despite my cold. It was a kind of shopping marathon. The quest for two sets of matching bed accoutrements, one for Vito's and one for ours, was almost never-ending, especially with Ramadan / Eid Al-Fitr interference making for late night shopping, but we finally found something that satisfied our desires. When we arrived in Doha, the beds were only made with matching comforter, flat sheets and pillow cases--Vito's a pink and yellow floral pattern on light blue and ours on pink. Not our colors, but enough to start with, and leaving plenty of room for improvement.

Anyway, we finished shopping for such pressing necessities today. Here is a picture of Vito and me at the City Centre mall in downtown Doha. I think there are five levels in this mall, which is, perhaps, the largest in Doha. We're pictured here standing above the ice rink located on the ground floor of the mall.

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