Saturday, October 29, 2011

I Walk With Beauty

A week or so ago, I attended an open mic on the Education City campus with one of my colleagues. It was being held in a place called "The Black Box" in the student center, and when I walked in it looked like a disco with green laser lights and a booming sound system. I felt a little out of place, especially as most of the crowd appeared to be about half my age, but I was determined to read the poem I had brought with me. As it turns out, there were about five other poets, and I really wasn't as out of place as I thought I might be.

Back on the 23rd of February, before moving to Qatar was real, I went to a poetry reading in San Francisco at the Sacred Grounds Café, which is an old haunt of mine. I lived very close to that café many years back, and met Frank, my former roommate, there. Returning to our old neighborhood brought back many memories. Weirdly, however, I had never had a chance to catch the open mic there when I lived in the neighborhood. Times were different then when I was a student and thought I could fritter away my time. Anyway, I finally made it, and that night one of the poets started chanting. I recorded his performance, and here it is:

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