Saturday, November 05, 2011

As the Crow Writes

Daddy woke up and made pancakes this morning. I should say that Vito woke us up and then demanded that the rest of us get out of bed, too. So I got up and made breakfast. Vito helped. He likes to mix the batter. In fact, he likes to cook. While I'm writing this, he is in the kitchen preparing a Play-Doh apple crumble.

We picked up our new car Thursday night, a Honda CR-V, on the last day before the Eid al-Adha holiday. No work next week! We called the rental company to return our rental car, but there was no answer yesterday. It can be tough to get through to people on Fridays since it's the holy day here.

Yesterday morning after Vito's soccer practice, we went to Carrefour and bought a few chairs, a cooler and a BBQ, and now we're ready to hit the beach. Can't wait to explore more deeply into the Q. We would start today, but we have to go to a birthday party this afternoon, and I have my last djembe drum circle meeting tonight. Otherwise, the weather has been wonderful lately. 9AM as the crow writes and the temperature is 84° F (29° C) with nary any humidity. I have been told that it will remain this way until March when it will warm up again. Caw!

My Arabic lessons have fallen by the wayside for various reasons, but Angela has been studying regularly at Carnegie-Mellon, an Education City university.

It is written that Vito will pursue a new ride of his own today, so we're heading out now to look at bicycles...

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