Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ho, Ho, Hold Your Horses!

Holiday activities are going as planned with one exception: the three of us have picked up a raggedy cough. We seem OK during the day, but last night, weirdly, Vito and me both woke up at 3AM with serious coughing fits that kept us going for a half hour. Vito has been receiving an aerosol treatment, and I'm utilizing cough drops.

Since we've been in Putignano, the weather has been ice cold. It rained a little and the sky has generally been cloudy. I tease Angela that it always rains here. A couple days ago, I thought it would snow, but it only hailed briefly. Today, however, Christmas Eve (or as they say here, La Vigilia), it is spectacularly sunny and warm outside. I went out this morning without wife or son to get some last-minute Christmas gifts and the stores were bursting with shoppers, the sidewalks were crowded with people, and the streets were choked with traffic. It put me in a great holiday spirit despite the various delays that such activity induces.

Time in the blogsphere moves faster than it actually appears to...

We got home about an hour ago after a huge dinner at Angela's sister's house, and Santa (Babbo Natale) had left his mark. It was just about midnight. There were a few gifts under the nativity (il presepe), namely a guitar. Vito was ecstatic. It wasn't the bass guitar that Vito had asked for, but I'm sure Santa did his best. We don't have a Christmas tree, either, but there is a large nativity scene, which is why Santa left the gifts there. To add to the post-Santa excitement, Angela's Aunt's family (celebrating the arrival of their daughter from England that evening) joined us and, after daddy tuned the guitar, listened to Vito's one-chord renditions of "We are the World" and "We Will Rock You."

With this post, I've exceeded my blog output in any year since 2007, which largely comprises the last four years in California. Clearly, living in the states and blogging (and writing in general) don't go hand-in-hand. We lived in California for four hard years made more difficult by simultaneously working two jobs and studying. Things got even more hectic last year when Vito started going to school and Angela started working, but we made it out. I didn't die and I feel stronger. Anyway, I'm happy to be blogging more and plan to ride the writing wave into the new year with a more emphatic return to greater poetic intentions. Wish me luck...

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