Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February Bragging Rights

It has been difficult to find the time to do this. In fact, I should be writing letters of recommendation for my students instead of blogging way past my bedtime.

Clearly, I am busy these days both at work and at school. Our weekends have been booked solid, and the weekdays, too.

Who's that in the yellow shirt?
Among the things that I have done this month: went to the Takashi Murakami art exhibit; ate camel meat and watched a camel race (we actually followed the camels around the track in our cars with about fifty other drivers in a high carbon-footprint activity); participated in a beach clean-up with students and colleagues from the Academic Bridge Program (ABP) followed by a BBQ; quizzed in a quizbowl to raise money for leukemia; watched the Qatar Open women's tennis final won by Victoria Azarenka of Belarus; defended well in the student / faculty basketball game (sadly, the faculty lost); dunebashed mildly (I drove!) while attending a geology field trip near Sealine with ABP students and colleagues; attended a Qatari wedding reception and had my picture in the newspaper. Extra credit if you can find my picture!

Anyway, there's your nutshell update. It's all good. We're on our way to Sri Lanka on Thursday evening as it will be the ABP Spring break. I'm also going to Dubai at the end of next week to attend TESOL Arabia, which should be interesting, at least.