Saturday, April 07, 2012

The List

Burj Khalifa, Dubai and me.
I can't believe March passed so quickly. Life seems like little more than a list at times. Too much going on: spring break with family and friends in Sri Lanka at the beginning of the month, TESOL Arabia in Dubai with colleagues, and heaps of papers to wade through and the end of the second marking period at the Academic Bridge Program (ABP) last week.

I accompanied Vito and Angela to a pre-school birthday party out at The Pearl, and watched poets from Bahrain (Hameed Al Qaed and Ali Abdulla Khalifa), Kuwait (Shurooq Amin), Qatar (Maryam Ahmad Al-Subaiey), Saudi Arabia (Nimah Ismail Nawwab) and the United Arab Emirates (Nujoom Alghanem) read poems for the launch of Gathering the Tide: An Anthology of Contemporary Arabian Gulf Poetry at Virginia Commonwealth. Last weekend, Angela and me went to the Museum of Islamic Art and watched Departures, a Japanese film shown as part of events honoring forty years of relations between Japan and Qatar.

Yesterday Vito and I went to the Doha Zoo, and today I attended the first session of TEDx Education City at the Qatar National Convention Center. Tomorrow we're all going to the Motocross Grand Prix to cheer on Valentino Rossi.

The list. That's what it turns into when so much time passes. In four weeks, the ABP will adjourn for the summer. Then we're off to summer wonderland and continuing adventure in the United States and Italy. We couldn't be having a better time and, I suppose, from where you are, it sounds a little like bragging.