Thursday, May 24, 2012

D'oh! Ha!

It's surprising how busy I can be when I don't have to go to work. All of the little things that Angela used to do around the house have suddenly fallen upon my shoulders, even if I don't carry them out as meticulously as she does. I still don't do any cooking, although I have been more successful than usual with pancakes in recent efforts. In any case, one week without having anything in particular to do has passed and I feel tired. Did she really wash dishes that many times in one day? Does the apartment get so dusty every single day? I want to take naps in the afternoon! Am I exhausted from overworking? Is it the heat? Perhaps, merely a side-effect of aging? Is that premature or am I old enough to say use that as an excuse?

Vito and Angela in front of the Museum of Islamic Art.
Yesterday (Wednesday) was Vito's last day of classes at the American Community School (ACS) Doha International School. The school year actually ends next month, but we're heading into vacation on Saturday so we're pulling Vito early. Usually, there are classes on Thursdays, but the students had a day off for student-let conferences. We had an appointment at 11AM in Vito's classroom. He showed us the portfolio of work that he had completed throughout the year and gave us a tour of the art and music rooms. Vito was eager to show us around and share his experiences with us. It will be difficult to take him out of school early next year, especially now that he is in the rhythm. Vito was disappointed that he would be missing the end of the year activities, and that disappointment is sure to increase after another year. It would be much easier if our school schedules were a little more in synch with one another—the two schedules are about six weeks off—but we can't do anything about that for the time being.

Anyway, there are so many things to think about at the end of our first year in Doha. After what has felt at times like a breakneck stay here, we're looking forward to returning with even greater excitement after our Summer adventures. We have a long list of places to visit and people to see, but it should be restful enough, too.

It's hard to believe we'll be leaving Qatar for Italy in a couple more days. In the short time we've been here, we have made many new and interesting friends and seen a completely different part of the world. While not without its sacrifices, it's a real privilege to have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in this kind of lifestyle and we are counting our lucky stars. Where will we end up? Insha'allah, I will continue to bring you more of this adventure as it develops.