Saturday, June 09, 2012

A Trullo in Time

Our vacation has been going fine, and the mosquitoes haven't torn me apart, either. Everyone's eating well, too, as usual.

All the Italian kids in Apuglia are still in school (today's actually the last day), so no one else has been on vacation but Angela, Vito and me. However, Vito has been seeing two of his Italian cousins (Alessandro and Adrianna) every day as they come over with Angela’s sister, Annamaria, and eat lunch with us when they’re done with school at around 1PM. It makes for an active afternoon. I have plenty of time to use the computer, but that will change soon. We haven’t been doing much else as the weather has been too cold. Also, the cooler than usual temperatures haven’t allowed Angela’s parents to move out to their countryside trullo yet, but we’re looking to do that in the next day or so. Cross your fingers.

Swimming cove - Monopoli, Italy in the distance.
As the weather has finally been cooperating, we took the train to Bari yesterday morning to rent a car for the remainder of our stay. Getting around hasn't been much of an issue so far as we have been staying in town and it is fairly easy to go from place to place on foot, but if we want to leave the countryside when we move there, we need our own vehicle! Moreover, we will need one if we want to go to the beach. In the past, when we have visited Putignano, we have borrowed Angela’s sister’s husband’s (Francesco's) commute car, an old Fiat Uno, but that is not an option for us any longer.

We have been in Putignano since the 26th of May, but we went to the beach with one of Angela's friends, Annalisa, for the first time yesterday. If possible, we are planning on going every morning until we leave for our California-Oregon-Nevada adventure on the 19th of this month. Other than that, we don't have much on the agenda.

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