Friday, November 16, 2012

Listing but not Listless

Busy. In the interests of time, more listing.

Unusually active five-year-old birthday party business every weekend, dinners and play dates, mom's massages and physical therapy, dad's tennis, son's swimming lessons, conferences, festivals, travel, trips to the beach and a visit from grandma and grandpa thrown in. We certainly can't say that we're bored...

Last night, after full days of school for all three of us, we went to a birthday party at the St. Regis. On the way there, Vito told us that Samuel--his classmate and the guest of honor at the birthday party to which we were headed--already had the gift we purchased, Monopoly Junior (a call to Samuel's mother confirmed it). So, mildly unhappy that Vito had told his friend what we had purchased for his birthday, we felt it necessary to go back to the store to exchange our gift. Jenga would have to suffice as a replacement. While at the party, against our better judgment, Vito had his face painted as Spiderman. His evening turned to tears later when, after already crying and whining all the way to the car because we would not stop for an ice-cream snack, falling into an exhaustion-induced sleep in the car and arriving home much later than usual, it came time to wash off the face paint, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Anyway, we left the party and met a couple friends for dinner at The Pearl because we had two-for-one coupons for The Mango Tree, a Thai restaurant, that we felt like we needed to use before the end of the year (when they would expire), and rounded out the evening at Katara's 2nd Annual Traditional Dhow Festival. Maybe we packed in too much, but there was no residue this morning.

Today and tomorrow I'll be attending the Middle East North Africa Writing Center Alliance (MENAWCA) Conference at the College of the North Atlantic. There were presentations scheduled for the whole day today, but I left at lunch to go to Fuwairit with family and friends. All work and no play makes Bob a dull joy.

The Doha Tribeca Film Festival kicks in next week--we have tickets for three movies--as does the Doha Climate Change Conference (COP18), both of which will surely ramp up activity around the city. We of the ABP have actually had our schedule altered to accommodate the goings on. Sadly, we are required to work next Saturday; however, we don't have to work the following Monday. I guess it will be nice to have a day off mid-week for a change.

Next weekend, we're hosting our first Thanksgiving ever. We're a little worried about the bird, but we have a plan. We'll be preparing the turkey, and our guests will be bringing the rest. They won't all be Americans, but they'll get involved!

I have to find time to grade papers in all of this. Where do I find time to write? I can't even make time to play the Wii that grandma and grandpa brought us when they visited at the beginning of the month. While they were here, we flew to Dubai and spent a few days there to start a tour of the Middle East mall circuit that ended in Doha.

December will be here before we can blink, the semester will be over and we'll be off for our Winter recess. Christmas and New Year's in Vietnam...

That's how it's rolling in the Q.