Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Last Thing: Notice.

The last call: pastis again.

The last straw: broke, the camel's back.

The last word in poetic licenses: get one in your favorite color.

The last will and testament: old and new and made new.

The last day of the shortest month: no leap year.

The last gasp: exceeding my grasp and reaching.

The last person I wanted to see: you.

The last day of the week: Thursday in the Q.

The last hurrah: preceding the home stretch of the semester, not a horse race.

The last day before spring break: Valencia here I come despite eleventh hour complications.

The last resort: a hotel across the street from the station.

The last laugh: over dinner, over done, over and over.

The last time I did this: last month some time.

The last minute: blogging from bed in digital wedlock.

The last word: minutes before midnight.