Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Poem

thanks for coming
thanks for summing up another year
thanks for ear-to-ear grins
thanks for wins and losses
     double-crosses that never doubled
     never troubled us too much
thanks for a touch a kiss a word
     a cliché I heard on the bus
thanks for us...
     (imagine merrymaking)
     I'm humbled by it
     I mumbled why it means something more

thanks for keeping score or not
thanks for a shot or however many
     (I lost count)
thanks for whatever amount
     of love of patience of time you find
     in this little rhyme
thanks for your kind 

Monday, November 04, 2013

I miss you terribly and so

I miss you terribly and so
I go through with my day
in the same old way and I go on.
I was born that way.

I miss you more than you'll ever know,
(except now you do)
and you'll miss me, too, and won't
think about it in the morning.

I miss you more often than not,
but I forgot who or when or I thought
I did.

I miss the kid who grew into a man,
who grew to understand
so little.

I miss you a little and a lot.
I'm not perfect. I'm in the middle of this.

I miss the beginning and the end
of an episode,
one friend or another.

I miss my brother in another state,
my mother who stays up late
or doesn't (she never did).
I miss my sis a tad,
my dad and my old life.

I miss my wife when we're apart,
and art when I can't make it
(I fake it).

Don't wake up for me.

In fact, I miss every minute
that passes in the masses
of memories before me.