Monday, December 23, 2013

Mulled Wine, Crêpes, Ice-Skating, Etc.

Vito getting the hang of it.
Saturday evening, driving back from Alberobello with friends after mulled wine, crêpes and ice-skating, I realized that I didn’t know what day it was. As we were driving through town and noticing all of the people on the streets, I said I wanted a beer, and we stopped at Bar Central where I picked up a couple Franzishkaner’s to take home. I had lost track of how many days we’d been in Putignano. I’m relying on Angela for all of that. Italy is her domain. With no phone or regular internet access, it’s nice to feel so removed.

We’re on vacation, staying with Angela’s mother and celebrating through New Year’s Day. It’s cold outside, but nice in the sun when it’s out. It hasn’t rained or snowed. Still, even though we aren't traveling—we aren't moving around the country—our days have been full. We’ve been busy: we ate pizza one night at our favorite pizza parlor, Premiata Pizzeria; watched one nephew participate in his soccer practice; attended classic ballet and modern dance performances by two of our nieces; went to church for the Novena one evening to watch my sister-in-law's family bring the offering up to the altar; wandered the streets of the centro storico, the old part of town, to look at the many different nativity scenes that were on display, many of them taking up entire rooms; and we went to see Angela's old elementary school's "live" nativity in which the entire school was decorated and, in each classroom, children depicted life as it used to be in olden times. We even found time to do a little shopping.

The whole family came over for lunch yesterday. That is a sure sign that it's Sunday. I know there’s a birthday party in our near future, and Christmas and New Year's Eve meals are coming up soon, but I’ll check with Angela to make sure everything’s on schedule for Santa and whatnot. Anyway, when all's said and done, she’ll get us on a plane back to Doha when the time is right.

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Bob said...

I am glad you and your family are having a good Christmas. Dad.