Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Oulipost Warm-Up #2: Blank Verse Amidst the Prose

The second pre-dip teaser trusts oulipost participants to "compose a poem using unintentional lines of iambic pentameter...written in regular metrical but unrhymed lines."
The process of development and skit,
a choir for your safety. At the end,
promoting education benefits
construction projects worth as much as
distinguished guests, potential nations, dreams,
and ethos, Arab countries stressed without
the need, another bone with agency.
The Ministry of Information aims
to highlight public competition’s sign
to open for commercial mega whole.
The overall experience event
included atmosphere that would ensure
the massive French investment recognized
by any measure. Everybody tries.
For some reason, I had it in my mind to make a sonnet (or fourteener) out of it. Do what you will.

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