Thursday, April 03, 2014

Oulipost #3: Definitional Lit

Today's challenge involves choosing a sentence from an article and replacing each significant word with its definition.

The sentence that I chose appears in Chief Business Reporter Pratap John's article "Natural Gas Set for Key Role in Global Energy Mix: GECF" that appeared in today's online edition of the Gulf Times"The biomass, nuclear, hydro and renewables gain share, but natural gas will benefit the most." To give myself greater flexibility, I culled my definitions from

The material in growing or dead plants
pertaining to or involving atomic weapons,
an establishment furnishing
hydrotherapy and sources of alternative energy,
such as wind power
each the full or proper portion or part
alotted or belonging to or contributed or owned
by an individual group, but in a style of nature
a substance possessing perfect molecular mobility
and the property of indefinite expansion,
as opposed to a solid or a liquid,
decides or determines something
that improves or promotes the numerous.

I had problems indenting this using the "Quote" button on the Blogger Toolbar. I thought I had fixed it be sandwiching the poem between paragraphs of left-aligned text, but it continued to revert to a saved version. Sometimes, things just can't be fixed...

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