Friday, April 11, 2014

Oulipost #11: Univocalism

The text for today's poem only makes use of one vowel, and was gleaned from the article "Qatari residents of One Hyde Park enjoy superlative design" by Denise Marray, a Gulf Times correspondent in London. Guess which vowel. Obviously, I did not consider the letter y a vowel for this poem.

Qatar Park

a 700% tax class
plans candy brand
HQ can't staff

tax that candy
stamp by stamp
all saw + any cash

£2mn back
90s candy Qatar
& want a past 1%

a day's candy
any can crash
that & that & that

Again, I used Douglas J. Luman's Ouliposcripts to filter my initial set of words.


Anonymous said...

All four so far have Ys, so I think we're safe. The constraint would have been a little *too* severe without them, in my opinion. Great poem! 700% tax on candy? Yikes... :-)

Bob said...

Thanks, Jody. Perhaps, a euphemism...

Your dueling snowballs were nice yesterday. I continue to be impressed by everyone's differing interpretations of each exercise.

kenyarockfilmfestivaljournal said...

Good one! I love that last line! lol!

Elizabeth said...

I decided against using Y! But I did use a contraction (one found in my paper).

Elizabeth said...

And -- I especially like the second stanza.

Bob said...

Thanks, Elizabeth and Kenyarock!