Saturday, April 12, 2014

Oulipost #12: Sonnet

In my mind, the most difficult challenge so far. I was busy all day, too, and then, at the end, I found myself with the task of writing a sonnet using words from Gulf Times. I started with an Agencies Washington article titled "US denies visa to Itan's new UN envoy" in today's online edition.

That Washington of the early section
Denied a widespread media in talks
Believed an unacceptable option.
Diplomats who have no reason to walk

The Iranian official, branded
A palatable phrase which has time. Share
The nominations of what cloud landed,
White in a desk activity, a rare

Impact on Obama's crisis of will.
He would eventually say the shah
Passed a foreign relation any Bill,
Barack or Jay would sign. Nuclear thaw

Reflects the symbolic drive or intent
We linked to the viable department.

I am happy I have the English or Shakespearean rhyme scheme. Otherwise, I didn't try to conform it to any other sonnet characteristics.

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