Sunday, April 13, 2014

Oulipost #13: Epithalamium

Compose an epithalamium, or wedding song, using words containing only letters from the bride's and groom's names. Obviously, I let some numbers through.

Jashoda & Narendra

He had no.
2 on 11.
She done
Had on her *,
A 2012 rose.
No. roads end.
7 and 40 and 16
Are 63.

Read the original IANS article, "Didn't make personal attack on Rodi: Mohul," reprinted in today's Gulf Times. Thank you, Douglas J. Luman, for your fantastic ouliposcripts!


Anonymous said...

Great fun this one!

Bob said...

Thank you, miskmask! It was fun looking for a picture, too.