Monday, April 14, 2014

Oulipost #14: Column Inches

Today's challenge required me to replace nouns in a classified advertisement with nouns from an article from my news source.

Quantity Schools:

Provides quantity country for progress payment communities and update final quantity buildings based upon actual seats at campuses, Development and provision of officials and factors to produce progress complexes and monthly schedule directives, Verifying & checking admissions and variation education for all guidelines before submission to Main Indian, Guiding all project students for achieving proposals as per the classes, Preparing final range on completion of expatriates. Middle-class must have Schools in Buildings or Quantity Authorities, fluent in Initiatives and minimum 10 years category in construction issues. 

Interested fees may please forward their repercussions to 

I used nouns from "School in 'desperate' search for premises" by Joseph Varghese in today's Gulf Times.

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