Saturday, April 19, 2014

Oulipost #19: Sestina

Today's Gulf Times rearrangement, to construct a sestina, features words from the article "Korean 'train kites' take off" by Business Reporter Peter Alagos. I spent a few hours off-and-on throughout the day on this one, which makes it the most difficult challenge so far.

The 800-m-long train-kite
brought bird aesthetics from Korea
to Qatar. Celebrations
of the "Phoenix,"
launched esplanade culture
in a vibrant country

only a fraction favourites. A country
crowd, thrilled by each kite,
guides a bigger culture
according to the traditional Qatar-Korea
Association. Established Phoenix
Ministry members see celebrations

on the sidelines. Celebrations
launched in the country
showcase the weight of the phoenix,
flown during the 40th kite-
flying events from Korea.
Among traditional pearl culture,

the two-day take off culture
brought artists and celebrations
to showcase Korea
as a demonstration country.
Yesterday, spectators with a kite
carried a phoenix

bearing a Korean flag. The phoenix,
comprised of 130 kites, highlighted culture
during the occasion. One kite
adorned the celebrations
that explained the country
for the first time. Korea,

among aerobatic maneuvers, Korea
at the Ritz-Carlton Doha, Korean fish phoenix
pearl, Korea at the heavy heritage of a country,
separated by a distance with rich culture,
Korea by eight celebrations
decided to bring a kite.

Korea and its counterpart culture
sports not only phoenix celebrations
but also a country aesthetic composed by a kite.

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