Thursday, April 24, 2014

Oulipost #24: Homosyntaxism

Oulipo challenge stalled this weekend. I simply haven't had a moment to spare. This isn't the only thing I didn't get done this weekend. Anyway, trying to catch up and backdating the next two posts...

Homosyntaxism demands rewriting a sentence based on the syntactic order of the words. I chose the sentence "Because it's there," from a weirdly authorless article in the Viewpoint section entitled "Climbing Everest: a new kind of madness exposed" in the Gulf Times.

So she'll soon.
For few'd forever.

When he's hitherto.
Although all's away.

If I'll indeed.
Whenever we're well.

I followed this syntactic pattern:
Conjunction or subordinate conjunction + pronoun + auxilliary verb contraction + adverb.

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