Friday, April 25, 2014

Oulipost #25: Larding

Larding asks that, after locating two sentences, I add a sentence between them and then continue adding sentences bewteen those sentences. I chose sentences as they appeared in the two articles I merged, added line breaks, removed punctuation, and reversed the order of all the lines, so read the poem backwards if you want to read the original sentences.

targeted     Bahrain clashes
whether the vehicle itself had been
although it was unclear
when their car exploded the interior ministry said
Ahmed and Ali were killed on April 19
in a rare comment on the day-to-day performance
QSE CEO Rashid bin Ali al-Mansoori had said
in developing the market here in Qatar
and to all stakeholders involved
of the listed companies
to the strength and organisation
break new highs          it’s [a] testament
We are delighted to see the market
report 39% jump in net profit in Q1        (Perumal)
Gulf International Services (GIS)
during the week that featured
faster than other indices
stocks were seen gaining
The index that tracks Shariah-principled
making a return to the QSE                      (Perumal)
during the week that saw large investors
counters witnessed most of the buying pressure
Real estate  transport  insurance and banking
and government bonds in the week                 (Perumal)
there was no trading of treasury bills
Bahrain clashes                 In the debt market
in the village of Al Maqsha west of Manama yesterday
the death of Ahmed al-Mosajen and Ali Abbas
following a protest condemning
at riot police during clashes back
a Bahraini protester throws a teargas canister

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Perumal, Santhosh. "Bourse hits 8-year high, add QR 68bn on multitude of positive factors." Gulf Publishing & Printing Company (W.L.L.). 25 Feb. 2014. Web. 26 Feb. 2014.

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