Saturday, April 26, 2014

Oulipost #26: Beautiful Outlaw (Belle Absente)

I chose Sheikha Moza as my beautiful outlaw. Each line of the poem represents one letter in the name Moza. Using words from Gulf Times, all the letters of the alphabet must appear in each line, except the letter that represents the corresponding line.


Frozen schools finally seek a project view, quest-being ruled.
Between frequent expatriate directives, any major markets argue the health hazards
Of showcase vase bouquet creations, joined gifts, expert talks and baby time. Plans
Flower during just zoo visiting hours. They're quite the sculptures from buckets.

This challenge is tediously difficult; although, I have a habit of making things more difficult. The lines are too long, too, so I had to make the text size smaller. Anyway, it's done, and that is satisfaction enough. On to the next one...

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Victor Saggio said...

I love this concept!!!