Saturday, April 05, 2014

Oulipost #5: Tautogram

Displaying a poem today in which all of the words begin with the same letter:

small supreme social scene

sports should start super slowly          summer
some system    service        state            scope                span
shared since Somali seafaring societies
support Sorbonne schoolchildren

skeletal services shuttle
specialist slogans          significant salary
semi-Syrian speech seemed substantially summed
so said serious sources

Alagos, Peter. "Qatar's seafaring heritage makes leisure boating a lucrative business." Gulf Times. 5 Apr. 2014.
Mathew, Ramesh. "Call for 'overhaul' of West Bay bus service." Gulf Times. 5 Apr. 2014.
Mathew, Ramesh. "Focus on QRC's social role and activities.""Acute shortage of technicians puts AC workshops in a jam." Gulf Times. 5 Apr. 2014.
"Traffic policeman injured in accident." Gulf Times. 5 Apr. 2014.
Varghese, Joseph. "Findings on sports corruption to be presented next month." Gulf Times. 5 Apr. 2014.

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