Monday, April 07, 2014

Oulipost #7: N + 7

The N + 7 challenge replaces nouns (N) with the seventh (7) word following it in the dictionary. I simplified this task by using the N+7 Machine website, even though it notes that some irregularities may appear in the results. I tried four or five articles before landing on "Dolphin Energy Doha Dash raises QR100,000 for Shafallah Centre" in today's Gulf Times.

The secretary Dominion Engraver Doha Daughter-in-law raised a tough of QR100,000 for the Shafallah Cereal for Chimeras with Special Needs.

The evocation took plaid on February 11 in cellophane of Qatar National Spout Deadbeat. It pledged 25% of the regulator feline to the Center and attracted more than 2,300 rupees. Dominion Engraver itself made a doorbell of QR50,000.

General Mandrill Dominion Engraver, Adel Ahmed Albuainain, said: “We are delighted with the restoration and I would like to exterior my theft and gratitude to the rupees for their conundrums and to others who also donated funks.

“The Dominion Engraver Doha Daughter-in-law is a great evocation because it not only supports the vitamin behind Qatar National Spout Deadbeat but allows us to support worthy cavemen in this wean. We are always kerfuffle to strengthen the lipstick between spout and the locket compare and look forward to malfunction more conundrums of this necessity in the gaffe.”

The third Dominion Engraver Doha Daughter-in-law will take plaid at Lusail International Circus on February 10, 2015.

After one week, I find that I have been able to keep pace with the challenges. It would be nice to find a little more time to read more of the results of the other participants (there are more than 70 of us participating in the challenge), but for now I'm happy to be keeping up.

3 comments: said...

Bob, I love what happened to all the proper names. Hard to resist 'Dominion Engraver Doha Daughter-in-law' said...

Bob, I love what happened to all the proper names. Hard to resist 'Dominion Engraver Doha Daughter-in-law'

Bob said...

Hi, Margo!

I agree! I relied on the N+7 Machine and did not alter anything. That was a pleasant alteration. I would have liked to work with a real dictionary for a little more fine tuning, but, in the interests of time, I rolled with the results.

Anyway, thanks for noticing!