Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Oulipost #1: Quote Cento

As I mentioned in previous posts, I am participating in the Found Poetry Review's Oulispost challenge during he month of April, which is National Poetry Writing Month. The first challenge of the month asks participants to construct a poem with direct quotations from my local newspaper.
“We are delighted to add Doha to our network…with a water cannon. The start of an international hassle-free experience by the General Directorate of the Civil Jam gives new schools an opportunity to listen to our partners in the educational sector. 
Equally, you have the right to hear from us about the priorities set by more productive and creative logistic burdens imposed on them by a work environment that is discouraging to Qatari teachers, who could have been the main drivers of education development in the country. 
We need private increasing demand to ensure they take part in decisions about the region and the world. Qatar logistics operations contribute to the creation of knowledge-based adoption of differentiated intelligent systems and services that can deliver great value to the country. 
We are thrilled that our commitment and ambition just received a big boost through this unique partnership with the best European standard. That is the promise I am making to our friends in the Gulf region, especially in building shoe boxes. 
Currently, Saudi Arabia and the UAE transcend those barriers with a countrywide approach and a really positive effect on the building of an interesting and diversified tourist landmark and a unique lifestyle destination not only for Qatar but also the whole region, and we are confident that our hybrid concepts will contribute to the reputation as a destination for tourists and entertainment-seekers alike.”
* Words taken from articles published on April 1st in the online edition of the Gulf Times. 


Elizabeth said...

Love the line with shoeboxes -- a startling jump from the bureaucratese.

Bob said...

Thanks for taking the time to respond, Elizabeth. This one was too long. I should have been a little more discerning...