Monday, December 29, 2014

Cambodia - Day 12/13: Koh Rong Island

In the morning, when the Paradise restaurant opened, Vito rested in the hammock while Angela and I took turns eating. We spent the rest of the morning reading and relaxing in our bungalow. By lunch, Vito appeared to have recovered enough to go the the restaurant himself, and he managed to eat a bowl of plain rice. It seemed that we were out of harm's way. During lunch, we met a woman from California and her Swedish husband, a painter, and their two kids, and ended up spending the rest of the day with them. After eating, the boys wanted to go snorkeling, and Vito summoned enough energy to spend the rest of the afternoon doing that. Me and the Swedish painter climbed onto some rocks and watched the kids snorkel while Angela talked with the mother on the beach. The family lived in Hanoi, Viet Nam, where she taught science. I tried to get the husband to tell me more about his painting, but he didn't seem forthcoming with information so I didn't pry any deeper.

We parted company for a few hours to rest and clean up. We hadn't made plans for dinner, but they all showed up at the Paradise restaurant and we ate together again. They were departing the next day, but we still had one more full day on the island. While we were both friendly enough, neither of us asked to exchange contact information. I thought it was strange, but, perhaps, that is how some vacation acquaintances work out. You enjoy the place together with people you meet there, and that is where the memory stays.

Vito rides a water buffalo.
Our last day was uneventfulrestful, ratheras we just spent it on the beach. We might have explored more of the island if we had all been healthier, but I didn't really want to push any of us too hard. Sometimes, we try to do too much when we're on vacation. In any case, Vito got a chance to ride a water buffalo and spent the afternoon building a sand castle.

At dinner, Vito spilled sauce on his shirt, which is not particularly remarkable. We didn't think anything of it, however, and went back to our bungalow to get to bed early. While we were laying in bed, we thought we heard a sound in the room coming from the direction of our clothes, but when I shined the flashlight in that direction, we didn't see anything. Eventually, we fell asleep.

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