Tuesday, April 07, 2015

public baths

the bath house or hammam was a social
setting for Muslim communities playing an
essentials          the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)
designs décor and ornamentation          under

light and men in the evening and night
it is also customary in many parts of the
community          as an intimate space of interaction
is prepared groomed and adorned in stylized

popularity as arranged marriages in these societies
such as those of North Africa          women who
together regularly to undertake the washing
didn’t just stop at scrubbing and gossip as traditionally
“Roll the Dice” PoMoSco challenge – enumerate lines of a text and use words from lines that correspond with each dice roll to formulate a response. I used two six-sided dice, labeled my text in four groups (from 2-12). While I mixed the lines and deleted punctuation, the words appear in the exact order as they appeared in the source text.
"Public Baths." 1001 Inventions: Muslim Heritage in Our World. Ed. Salim T. S. Al-Hassani. Istanbul: Mega Basim, 2007. 220. Print.

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