Wednesday, April 01, 2015

who was toppled after “Arab Spring” demonstrations

personnel in the secret U.S. drone war
al Qaeda
Residents and tribal sources
Houthi fighters and allied army units
forces loyal to Hadi
the absent president’s forces
Hadi loyalists in Aden
the Saudi-led coalition
Hadi’s rump government
an interviewer on pan-Arab television
Yemeni foreign minister Riyadh Yasseen
Yemenis under siege
Saudi authorities
southern secessionist fighters trading artillery fire
army units loyal to Saleh
An eyewitness
at least 10 people
a Zaidi Shia minority that ruled a thousand-year kingdom in Yemen until 1962
the ones calling for war
the kingdom’s Shura Council advisory body
humanitarian workers
A Yemeni Red Crescent volunteer
wounded people
The results of my first PoMoSco challenge. "Pick & Mix" - copied words and phrases from my source text.
"Heavy Clashes on Saudi-Yemen border; Hadi Government Pleads for Troops." Gulf Times. Reuters/Aden, 31 Mar. 2015. Web. 31 Mar. 2015

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