Thursday, November 24, 2016


thanks for living

thanks for divvying up your time to include some of mine

thanks for fine weather and friends
and enemies too and animals
and what begins and ends
and the rainbow that you might see at the heart of it

thanks for freeing what you love
for being above or below it or quite possibly
you don't know it
your first or last one
among stars
what's mine is ours

thanks for staying flowers or fading
and following the sun or the dark
hark! who cowers there
in some spark i loved

thanks for loving back or not
with your knack for nuance and niceties
you're easy to please
you tease sometimes
too much or too little

thanks for such-and-such
and hey-diddle-diddle
the cat and the fiddle
the cow jumped over the moon

thanks for too soon or late
two four six eight
who do we a-ppre-ci-ate

thanks for being great or green

thanks for making the scene
one you'll remember
be mine ember
i'm fine
you're so warm

thanks for charming me


Anonymous said...

I first heard this poem when you read it on Thanksgiving night, but have been (re)reading it all evening today, on and off, while cooking soup, two soups in fact, red and green. It's charmed me indefinitely. Thank you!


Bob said...

Thanks, again, Magda!

Here is the prequel:

what did you make this year
what did you fake or fear
from your queer place in the world
what smoke curled or cleared
as we neared one another
what reared its head and said or not
what you thought
what brought this on or that
dawn or dusk
what husk of a half-life
have you huddled together
hell or high water
what son or daughter did you become
in the sum of your parts
what black arts or blue colored you
what came true or troubled
or bubbled over
or doubled for a good deed
what did you bleed or brood over
or at best
who guessed that we would
still be here
celebrating another year in the desert
wondering about the future
while eating a potato
or a slice of pie
what low point or high
do you find yourself fancying
what's your answer when asked
what's in it for you
in the queue that leads to the end of days
what brays way down deep in the back of your soul
and lays you down whole
or piece by piece
when you need release
you and me both
what i need most
is a toast

Anonymous said...

Yes! Now I feel whole, with the prequel (though it came later than the sequel) in place. This poem is a gem.

Shanthi Cabs said...

Fantastic Article ! Thanks Lovely